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For too long we have put up with collars that won’t stay flat, gaping necklines and buttons, hems that won’t stay up, pockets that pop and bulge, and other day to day challenges that are now unnecessary thanks to Style Stick®! No need to carry around a needle and thread to deal with a fallen hem (especially when traveling) or pinning a neckline together to prevent embarrassing slips. Just twist the stick and apply firmly – your fashion emergency solution.

• Repairs a fallen pant or skirt hem in an instant

• Closes gaping necklines and button gaps quickly and easily

• Keeps shirt collars down and prevents curling

• Holds straps in place and prevents slipping

• Adjusts pants to multiple heel heights without alterations

• Holds pocket flaps and tie tails flush and in place

• Prevents strapless tops and dresses from sliding

• Add embellishments and design details easily to any outfit

• Non Toxic, Acid Free, No Dyes or Fragrances, Water Soluble

This unique fabric adhesive comes in an easy to use stick and is safe to use on cottons, blends, polyester, denim, wool, silks, and nylons.

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