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New Bugatchi OoohCotton Material You're going to love!

Erin Walker12/30/20

BUGATCHI OoohCotton Tech fabric provides enhanced thermal comfort and higher breathability. It has quick dry technology to ease naturally the evaporation of moisture and keep the skin dry and at a constant body temperature. Easy Care, machine washable and needs no ironing. The 8-way stretch allows optimal movement and flexibility compared to previous generations of shirts.

City News TV piece on Businesses Closing Doors to slow the spread

Tannis Davidson11/23/20

We put out an announcement that we were temporarily closing to the general public until December 3 to show our support for our Health Care workers.

Temporarily Closing to Support Health Care

Tannis Davidson11/22/20

We are temporarily closing our doors to the general public to support our front line health care workers. 

Bra Fittings are essential if you're a boob owner!

Erin Walker7/24/20

Making your body beautiful is not a goal, its a starting point of personal fulfilment. Thanks to our expert knowledge of your silhouette, we embellish your curves, bringing you your unique self-confidence. We would like to accompany, guide and help you in revealing your true beauty. Together, we will bring out the free, audacious woman that you have inside of you. "Self confidence is a beauty that never fades", as Mme Simone Pérèle would have said. So have some fun, get started, and reveal the very best of yourself.