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At Raffi, we believe in creating forever pieces for our men that make you look and feel your best. Crafted with equal parts comfort and luxury, our pieces are designed to make you love the way you look. Raffi always looks to elevate and innovate. We listen to the market and always make sure to deliver the best to our customers. Wear Raffi once and you can feel the difference. Free Shipping in Canada over $100.00.  Shop Now!

Raffi Woven Double Faced Pure Cashmere Scarf HZR4111S
Raffi 90% Wool 10% Cashmere Scarf
Raffi Long Sleeve Button up Front
Raffi Must Have Aqua Hoodie "The Aussie"
Raffi Aqua Cotton Zip Hoodie
Raffi All Year Round Aqua Cotton Short Sleeve Button up RW22210
Raffi SS Pure Aqua Basic All Year Round Must Have VNeck Tshirts - RW22201
Raffi All Year Round Must Have Crew Neck Aqua Cotton Tee
Raffi Must Have Aqua Three Button Polo Short Sleeve RW22206
Raffi Aqua Cotton Easy Pants - RW12356p
Raffi Pull on Short