Wild Prairie Wintervention Soap

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This is the ultimate soap to use during the coldest months of a Canadian winter! Rich in olive oil and cocoa butter, this natural soap will ensure that your skin is gently cleansed, but never dry. Say good-bye to rough, dry skin this winter. Moisturize after bathing with our Wintervention Hand Repair Lotion

The greatest defense against dry, flaky winter skin - in a perfect world - would be to simply avoid winter altogether (hello tropics!). However, if that's not a practical solution, then the next best option is to treat your skin with products designed to protect and soothe.

We make our Wintervention soap to be gently cleansing, but rich in ingredients that restore moisture and don't strip skin of its natural oils. Contains a blend of lavender and vanilla, and the gentle exfoliating action of oatmeal. Available seasonally, October through March.

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