Hollywood Fashion Secrets Sole-A-Traction

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When you're on the dance floor, the only sliding you should be doing is because you're working on your glide, not because your shoes are too slippery. Secret #37, Hollywood Sole Grips, can be affixed to the bottom of your shoe so you can have complete confidence walking across the glassiest surface, even in your favorite stilettos. Now you can just focus on your Oscar acceptance speech instead of how you're going to get across that slippery stage without a wardrobe malfunction in your thigh-high slit gown. Comes in a pack of 3 pairs.

  • Prevents your soles from wear and tear
  • Helps avoid slipping on most surfaces
  • Use on flat shoes or high heels
  • Ideal for all smooth soles in all shoe sizes
  • For best results use on new or nearly new shoes
  • Long lasting and easily peel off and replace as needed!

IMPORTANT: For best results use on freshly cleaned, new or barely worn shoes.

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