Fidelity Non Medical Water Poppy Face Mask Version 3

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Meet your new quarantine BFF. Introducing our new V3 Mask Duo in the Water Poppy print paired with a Black V3, a must have for everyone. Designed with you in mind, these masks are performance wearable, breathable and come with a full mesh lining. Order one for yourself and a few for your family to keep everyone safe! Each print is unique and may not be exactly the same.

The V3 masks are durable for up to 50 machine washes. When using a washing machine, we recommend placing the mask inside of a mesh bag to protect it. You can also wash the mask by hand to help extend its life. Let’s all do our part to keep the environment free of waste with disposable masks.

We gave our beloved V2 Masks a Modern update. Our new and improved V3 Masks now include adjustable toggles, so you can modify your mask to the just the right size for your face. One size fits most adults, so there’s no need to guess your size. Why settle for anything but the perfect fit?

Now more than ever, we must take care of each other and follow the recent recommendations and/or requirements around the use of cloth face masks for public outings.

***This product is non-medical and intended as a face covering in public settings when social distancing is difficult to maintain. This product is not intended for medical use to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus or other communicable diseases. Wear with care and join the movement.***

one print, one solid black


CONTENT: 95%Polyester /5%Spandex

*No returns, exchanges or refunds on this product.

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