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deCrease is a special patented technology that removes those wrinkles, leaving your clothes looking smooth and deCreased, without the hassle of an iron. The deCrease spray is developed in the UK, is fragrance free, non flammable and Powered by Air. The innovative formula is not hazardous to health or the environment and has not been tested on animals. Perfect for Home and Travel. It’s time to live Iron Free….Get living, not ironing.

Can’t be bothered to Iron your clothes, then deCrease is the answer. deCrease is an innovative technology that de-Creases your clothes with a simple spray.  It’s not magic, it’s science. deCrease is a special formula that absorbs deep into the inner core of fibres, helping them to expand (opens up the creases) and then relaxes to a wrinkle free state.

A few easy steps to make your clothes wrinkle free. First, place your garment on a hanger and do all the buttons up. Shake the can and spray your garment about a foot away onto the creases. Your clothes will get wet in the process. Now gently stretch the fabric widthways (from left to right) and you will see the creases disappear. If any are still visible, repeat the spraying and stretching. Now allow your garment to dry and your garment will be wrinkle free. A round of applause please. Need visuals?

Is there a certain type of clothing or material that works best with deCrease?

deCrease works exceptionally well on any item of clothing made from Cotton, Wool or Linen.

Can I use deCrease on all garments made from cotton, wool and linen?

Yes you can use deCrease on your favourite tshirts, shirts, summer dresses, trousers, blazers etc made from Cotton, Wool or Linen. However, we do ask it not to be used on fabrics that water-spot, such as silk and rayon.

Can I use deCrease on my travels?

There is nothing quite like a beautifully packed suitcase, all clothes freshly ironed and carefully folded, and then after a long journey, you open your suitcase only to find all items are creased again. You now need to spend your holidays ironing!!! deCrease removes the effort of having to iron in your hotel room, simply hang up your garment, give it a spray and enjoy the holidays. Get living, not ironing.

Can I use deCrease on wet clothes?

No, deCrease must be sprayed onto clothes that are dry so the technology can get to work.

Does deCrease make your clothes smell?

deCrease has been specially formulated so it has no scent and is completely fragrance free.

Is deCrease safe?

deCrease is safe and not dangerous and is classified as not hazardous to health or to the environment under the CLP regulations. However as it is an aerosol, most probably like your deodorant cans are, you do need to follow the instructions on the back of the can. deCrease is powered by compressed air so it is not flammable.

Where is deCrease made?

deCrease is made in the UK.


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