Cloud Premium Terry No Show Socks


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Color: Charcoal
Cloud Premium Terry No Show Socks - My Filosophy
Cloud Premium Terry No Show Socks - My Filosophy
Size: L

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Made with Terry - Terry is currently made with Organic cotton, pursuing environmentally friendly and comfortable socks.  

Known for its durability and sturdiness

Lightweight - Despite being a Terry product, it has been manufactured using a new technique that allows it to be as thin as possible.  

Seamless Stretch Band - Seamless stretch band finish around the edge of the socks with extreme-heat bonding method to give you the full non-slip but without pressure experience to your feet.  

No Slip Premium Silicone - Non toxic premium quality silicone was used to make sure your sock doesn't slip off no matter what you do all day in any type of shoes.  

Ergonomic Fit -Manufactured with three dimensional pattern, naturally adheres to the foot seamlessly and comfortably.  

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