Did you know that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.  We will provide you a complimentary bra fitting and we carry sizes from 30-40 and cup sizes A-H.  Once you are fitted correctly, your girls will never look the same.  Tannis is a boob guru at the store and will fit you properly.   

It's a very relaxed environment so don't stress.  

Shop now or book a free complimentary bra fitting!  Free shipping over $150. 

If you are wanting to buy a bra and you are not in the Edmonton area - we can ship you a tape measure and we will measure you through face-time with Tannis directly.

Check out our videos below:  Proper Bra Fitting, Signs your Bra isn't fitting correctly, and signs of a Poor Fitting Bra

A proper fitting by Tannis (The Boob Guru)

Some Signs your Bra isn't fitting properly