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"Soak" 'Em When You've Got 'Em

Kathleen Smith

As of September 3, mandatory masking is back in effect for the city of Edmonton, as well as in some nearby communities.  Of course, here at My Filosophy, we've been mandatory masking throughout the pandemic. 

Because we care about keeping you and our staff as safe as possible. I guess you could say you at your best is our "Filosophy". See what we did there? 

With the return to mandatory masking comes the return to more handwashing of masks. We've got the ideal detergent for all your mask washing needs: "Soak".

"Soak" is a Canadian made line of gentle detergents, specifically designed for your hand washable knits and silks, and intimate lacy things like bras and your special lingerie items. Soak's gentle, no rinse formula is skin and fabric friendly, making it the perfect detergent for your masks. With no harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances, Soak cleans and freshens your mask without the chemical detergents that can cause the dreaded "maskne". Soak's formulation isn't just skin friendly - it's environmentally friendly, too - thanks to its recycled packaging printed with water soluble ink. 

"Soak" comes in a variety of light, delicious scents ("Lacey" is my personal fave), as well as the always popular "unscented" version. 

One teaspoon of Soak detergent, one gallon of tepid water. Agitate gently, add your masks, let sit for 15 minutes (or longer, should you wish), squeeze out excess water, dry as usual. No rinsing forever! 

And don't forget - My Filosophy carries the entire line of Soak detergents, as well as the Soak mini-basin, Soak "Flatter" no iron spray, and the wildly popular Soak unscented hand sanitizer is a convenient spray bottle.