Wild Prairie Natural Stone Vanity Plate

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The perfect companion piece to our Stone Soap Plate, the Stone Vanity Plate is a versatile and useful item for many areas of the home. Available in five attractive colours, it is made with natural stones and is extremely durable. Keep one in the kitchen for your 'tools' by the sink, one on the bathroom counter to organize toiletries, and one in the living room as a tray for candles (always use appropriate containers for candles).
Additional ideas for use include a multi-use soap plate, trivet or hotplate to protect surfaces from heat, under plant pots on the patio, as a desktop organizer and as a serving tray for sushi or other similar dishes.

Dimensions: 25.5 cm x 10 cm

To clean, simply rub with a soft bristled brush under warm water. Do not soak the Stone Vanity Plate or use cleaners.

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