The more you buy.....the more you save....

Save up to 25% on your Hanky Pansy’s.  It’s our Hanky Panky showcase on November 26 & 27.  The store will be closed but you can shop online for the showcase or call us at 780.488.2334 and we can video chat with you to show you prints.  We will also be extending the Showcase Thursday to Friday, November 27 as there is a thing called Black Friday so we will play along.  But the other main reason - it is the bosses birthday and this is her way of celebrating.

  • Buy 2 - 10%
  • buy 3 - 15%
  • Buy 5 - 20%
  • Buy 7 - 25% 
  • on regular priced Hanky Panky.  Does not include subscriptions.  Will automatically be deducted at checkout.