BZT reversible Swirl Pattern pashmina TW


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Color: (020) Black/Black
(003) Purple
(011) Ivory
(019) Greenish Taupe
(024) Beige
(002) Red
(TW-005) Turquoise/Beige
(TW-010) Red/Black
(TW-013) Purple/Taupe
(TW-014) Pink/Black
(015) Red/Red
(017) Brown/Expresso
(TW-018) Orange/Black
(026) Orange
(TW-030) Fuschia/Pink
(031) Burgundy/Black

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Doulbe Layers Jacquard Round Pattern.  Dress up your everyday look with a stunning BZT scarf. Wear it either as a neck scarf or a shawl. 100% Cashmere

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